Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something sure to turn a gay man straight - Tom DeLay shakes his butt

Whatever you do, close your eyes at 3:24 or at least hold a cross tight.


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Witnesses announced for tomorrow's ENDA hearing and other Tuesday midday news briefs

List of witnesses for tomorrow's ENDA hearing - This list of witnesses is very interesting. I'm almost disappointed in the witnesses/witness who will be speaking against ENDA.

Referendum 71 opponents use divorcees as poster children and insist they're not about hate - My God. Opponents of Washington's domestic partnership law actually used Ozzie and Harriet Nelson in their flyer. And then they pulled a deception about social science studies that claim to say that children suffer from not being in a home with a mother and a father. None of those studies even looked at same sex households.

They who remedy boo-boos are now working to prevent a historical one - Maine pediatricians stand for equality.

Judge Jerry Buchmeyer (1933-2009)- Just who is Judge Jerry Buchmeyer you ask? Why one of the greatest men in the world. He verbally bitchslapped discredited researcher Paul Cameron in court.

Ariz. Slashes Partner Benefits for 800 Workers - This is just wrong.

Census releases data on same-sex marriages for the first time in history - But on the flipside, this is good news.

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Sorry Harry Jackson, but lgbts of color do exist

I resent the game that African-American pastor Harry Jackson plays when he pits the lgbt and African-American community against one another:

But my father is not the only one who understood civil rights. The unwed black mother, living on public assistance, understands true discrimination. She understands that there are privileged people in our culture and institutional barriers that prohibit whole segments of our society from experiencing the American dream. In DC, gay activists enjoy better education, better jobs, better housing, greater access to the system, and now – legislative power. Something is wrong when the privileged feign that they are the persecuted, when the powerful posture themselves as victims.

It's his modus operandi which no one has really questioned him on. In Jackson's world, that unwed black mother living on public assistance can't be a lesbian (even though in some parts of the country, that is her sexual orientation.) And his comments regarding the privileged pretending they are persecuted is higly ironic seeing that he has aligned himself with a group of organizations constantly whining about how they are being persecuted while they surreptitiously try to strip lgbts of our rights and humanity.

Jackson's tendency to work the lgbt and African-American communities against one another reveals himself to be the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing - he looks innoncent but his desires (i.e. the need for prominence and fame) are in the long run detrimental to the African-American and lgbt communities.

To combat self-deluded egotists like Jackson, it is important that lgbt of color be open and active.

And unfortunately sometimes even that is not enough.

We still get ignored by the black community (because they would rather see our ethnicity than our orientation) and the lgbt community at large (because they would rather see our orientation rather than our ethnicity).

Sooner or later, lgbts of color will have to come to the realization that before we owe the African-American community or the lgbt community anything, we owe it to ourselves to stake our own territory.

Rather than conform our needs and desires for the benefit of the African-American and lgbt communities, we must demand recognition and respect from both communities on our terms.

If we don't, people like Harry Jackson will continue to play their games.

But enough of the rambling, the following video shows the people who Jackson conveniently forgets in his phony concern about "true civil rights:"

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