Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Conservative claiming trans healthcare is damaging to kids also said 12-year-old rape victims should have to carry babies to term

Matt Walsh

Conservative talking head Matt Walsh is practically a one-man industry when it comes to exploiting people's ignorance and fear about LGBTQ people and especially trans healthcare. From writing a 'children's book' attacking the trans community, to attempting to trick trans people into taking part in a ridiculous 'documentary, to actually creating a documentary full of bigoted lies, to even engaging in the "gays are sexually grooming children" lie, Walsh seems to have his dirty paws into every angle devoted to making LGBTQ lives hell.

When it comes to attacking affirming healthcare, particularly for trans kids, Walsh claims that he is on a mission to save children. He practically lives for constantly pushing the lie that affirming care for trans kids involves surgery, castration, and "mutilation."

Again, gender-affirming healthcare for trans kids is a complex issue and is not as cut and dry as Walsh paints it.  The deliberate vulgarity in which he describes things exposes his desire to incite instead of providing decent facts about the subject.  

And Walsh's concern about possible physical damage to kids is ironic seeing how he has also said the following when it comes to 12-year-old rape victims:

And when challenged, he doubled down on the argument:

The inanity of Walsh's tweets is breathtaking. He reminds me of those annoying types I attended college with, i.e. the type who liked to engage in pointless arguments. They see debates as verbal masturbation in that they like to get themselves off by confusing their self-designated opponents with arguments, counter arguments, and verbal gymnastics all designed to create confusion so that they can claim that they "won" the debate. To them, it was all a game designed to give themselves an inflated sense of self-importance. 

And that's what all of this is to Walsh; a game in which he gets a charge out of leading one group of people like sheep while trolling another group. In that regard he would be pathetic except for the fact that what he's doing is leading to real-life repercussions. That makes him dangerous, particularly to those who didn't ask to be caught up in his game.

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