Monday, December 16, 2019

Religious right - Hallmark 'surrendered' to 'homosexual pressure'

Dear religious right, are you mad? Good. Stay mad.

To say that the religious right and conservatives are breathing fire over the Hallmark Channel's decision to apologize for axing a gay marriage ad would be an understatement. With articles bearing titles such as Hallmark surrenders to pressure from homosexuals, the American Family Association and other like-minded groups have no room for subtlety. They are furious.

 Monica Cole, head of the AFA affiliate One Million Moms, had this to say:
“Most of (Hallmark's) viewers are conservative, and so they’re going to push away a majority of their viewership if they do this to appease a small percentage of viewers . . .  "so we just want them to realize that they are offending their primary audience by doing this and ruining family movie time. So many feel betrayed because this is one of the very last channels that families could go to and not be bombarded with politically correct commercials and LGBT agenda."
And of course the majority of the comments on the article reads as such:

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