Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Franklin Graham gets reminded that he will never escape the stench of Donald Trump

No matter how many times Donald Trump demonstrated that he wasn't fit for office, one person he could always count on to kiss his butt was Franklin Graham. Graham would publicly support Trump or send out tweets like the following which served to build Trump up as a great president:

Now that Trump is out of office (leaving the country wrecked by a pandemic he refused to lead us through, crippled by an awful economy his incompetence is to blame for, and picking up the pieces of an insurrection he is responsible for in an attempt to overturn his election loss), Graham seems to think that folks will forget how easily he sacrificed the Christian integrity he claimed to have in exchange for White House status and a few conservative judges.

But folks aren't going to forget any time soon nor will they let Graham forget, as he learned after sending out the following tweet:

The piece Graham was linking to criticized the recent decision by Bethany Christian Services, one of the largest Christian adoption agencies in the country, to begin working with LGBTQ couples.  Graham is implying that Bethany is dangerously "pivoting" away from the word of God by helping LGBTQ couples to adopt children. But many of those who responded to Graham's tweet reminded him of his "pivot" when he began supporting Donald Trump (click on the tweets to make them larger):

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