Tuesday, November 01, 2022

Bigots have meltdown after PBS News Hour posts article defending drag

Recently on its webpage, PBS News Hour amplified a very good article by Jeff McMillan of Associated Press about the history of drag performances. The article gave a wonderful history of drag performances and debunked several myths repeated by a certain segment who claim that drag queens are supposedly "sexually grooming kids."

Opponents of drag story hours and other drag events for audiences of children often claim they “groom” children, implying attempts to sexually abuse them or somehow influence their sexual orientation or gender identity. The term “grooming” in a sexual sense describes how child molesters entrap and abuse their victims. Its use by opponents of drag, as well as by protesters in other realms of LGBTQ opposition, seeks to falsely equate it with pedophilia and other forms of child abuse. Perpetrators of the false rhetoric can then cast themselves as saviors of children and try to frame anyone who disagrees — a political opponent, for example — as taking the side of child abusers. 

 . . . In another tactic to discourage attendance, drag opponents have been known to attend performances, take and post a video that lacks context, and then troll or “dox” the performer or venue. One such video clip showed a profane drag act in front of a young child and framed it as abuse — though the child was with adults and the venue had advised attendees about coarse content, suggested parental discretion and required any children to be accompanied by parents. Other undermining efforts include a false claim that a performer flashed children at a Minnesota library and another false claim that the head of the Drag Queen Story Hour organization was arrested for child pornography.

Those who take offense to kid-friendly drag shows and Drag Queen Story Hour  descended on PBS News Hour's Twitter page and voiced their objections with intelligent and thought-provoking arguments.

Oh who am I kidding? 

They just screamed "groomer! groomer! groomer!" at PBS News Hour until it was forced to shut down its replies. Some of the attacks included the following:

And as I said before, some folks actually did nothing but scream the word "groomer" in various forms

Personally, I find these people hilarious. In their minds, they are so intent on supposedly "saving" children that they see nothing wrong with acting as if they are children.

'Elon Musk's Twitter already looking grim for LGBTQ community' & other Tue midday news briefs

Elon Musk’s Twitter already looks grim for the LGBTQ community - No surprise there. 

LGBTQ bars in Milwaukee are banning Jeffrey Dahmer costumes for Halloween - As well they should. It's not funny in any shape or form. People died because of him and families are still dealing with the grief. There is NO excuse for making fun of it.