Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'Sessions says he will uphold pro-lgbt laws, lgbts of color done with black church hypocrisy,' and other Wed midday news briefs

Jeff Sessions Says He’ll Uphold LGBTQ Protections - So in his hearing yesterday, Trump's pick for attorney general Jeff Sessions claims that a woman's right to choose and marriage equality are "settled" laws. That s until the religious right and their allies attempt to drudge up challenges. He may become our attorney general, but Sessions will be watched intensely.

Jeff Sessions Deflects Questions About His Anti-LGBT Record - More details from yesterday.

 Kim Burrell Reminds Us How The Black Church Uses, Abuses Gay Christians - Kim Burrell's attack on the gay community is the last straw to many of us lgbts in color. As Irene Monroe says in this wonderful piece, the conciliatory attitude lgbts of color take when attacked by the Black church has been thrown out of stained glass window. We have had it up to our necks with helping to create the ambiance of black church worship behind the scenes while being called sinners in public. And we've are SO OVER scenes like in the above video. Remember him?
‘Visionary’ Religious Right Activist Mike Farris Takes Over Alliance Defending Freedom - An anti-lgbt group has a new leader who is as odious as the old one. It's important that we keep tabs on these folks and groups.

Don’t Forget Exxon’s Lousy Record On Gays And Women - Today, Trump's pick for Secretary of State, former Exxon Mobil CEO, has his hearing. I wonder will questions about Exxon's crappy record on lgbt rights come up?

President Obama's Farewell Address

He is the first African-America president and came into office hoping to repair a bad economy without the help of the GOP, who chose to oppose everything he pushed.

But he was successful, loved, and will be remembered as one of this country's greatest presidents. AND his administration was scandal-free. He redefined humility, love of country, and helped to bring lgbt equality to the mainstream. Enjoy President Obama's farewell address: