Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Fox News dismisses Todd Starnes after bonkers accusation that Democrats worship pagan god of child sacrifices

Todd Starnes and Fox News have parted ways

I'm not one for rejoicing when people lose their gigs, but this turkey had it coming for a long time.  It's just been announced that Fox News radio show host Todd Starnes has been dismissed. And a recent bonkers interview with Trump-supporting religious right pastor Robert Jeffress  (who at the time accused the Democratic party of worshipping a pagan god associated with child sacrifice) may have been the final nail in his coffin.

According to The Wrap:

 . . .  Todd Starnes’ contract at Fox News is not being renewed. The host will no longer be working at the network, its website, or its premium subscription service, Fox Nation. His removal comes a few days after he said on his radio program on Monday that Democrats do not believe in the Christian God and instead may worship Moloch, a pagan god often associated with child sacrifice. When asked for comment, Fox News confirmed the news that Starnes is no longer working at the network but did not elaborate on the reasons behind Starnes’ departure. . . .In the place of his “Fox News & Commentary” radio program, Fox News Radio will broadcast “Fox Across America.” The opinion show will rely on a rotation of various Fox News personalities until a permanent host is named.

Actually, it was Jeffress who made the accusation. However, Starnes did nothing to refute it. In fact, he practically egged on Jeffries' rhetoric by claiming  that the Democratic party will be "targeting Christians" if they succeed in impeaching Trump.

The Daily Beast adds:

The conservative talking head is best-known for his incendiary anti-LGBT, xenophobic, and racist remarks both on-air, across Fox News programming and on his Fox Nation and Fox News Radio shows, and in his columns. Perhaps most famously, Starnes compared migrants to Nazis and declared that America is being “invaded by a horde.” 
 . . . Starnes also has a long history of erroneous reporting, having once been fired from Baptist Press over “factual and contextual errors” and “misrepresentations.”

The Daily Beast article only scratches the surface. This is what I said about him in 2014:

For the benefit of those who are not aware, Starnes is known for spinning false, unchecked "articles" of anti-Christian persecution. His lies has been corrected numerous times but unfortunately by the time that this happens, the communities and schools he accuses of being anti-Christian are generally targeted with outrage and threats. Starnes' lies has gotten so bad that evangelical writer, Alan Noble, blasted him for deliberately spinning phony tales of anti-Christian persecution.

In 2015,  I pointed out 10 controversies Starnes created with his sloppy reporting.

In that same year, The Atlantic wrote a huge expose on his history of sloppy work and propaganda journalism.

Today, Mediaite also pointed out:

Starnes has made sparse appearances on Fox News in recent months, mainly on Fox & Friends. His controversial comments have mostly been confined to his radio show. In July, Starnes told Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to take a “one-way plane ticket back to whatever third world hellhole you came from.” The radio host has also compared abortion to the Holocaust, called for anti-Kavanaugh protesters to be “tasered, handcuffed and dragged out of the building,”

It's nice to know that no matter how many errors you  get away with in American journalism, folks still draw the line at accusing political parties of worshipping pagan gods who get off on child sacrifices.

In case you couldn't tell - THAT was sarcasm.

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