Monday, July 01, 2019

Top artist Lil Nas X comes out. Twitter reactions are funny, strange, and sad

Lil Nas X

I admit that I am old and am not up on who is popular in today's music. So when I heard about rapper Lil Nas X possibly coming out, I was like "who?" Granted I know he has the number one song in the country ( "Old Town Road," his collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus) and I knew about the controversy with him being a black country singer, which in itself is rare.

But his coming out can be seen as monumental. There have been rumors of various musicians being gay before they came out (i.e. George Michael, Ricky Martin) while others were openly gay when they reached their fame (Frank Ocean.) But this has to be the first some an artist has come out as an LGBTQ while at the top of the charts.

So here are the best and (and worst) Twitter reactions to Lil Nas X coming out.

The first one is the one I like to call "Welcome to the party, Lil Nas X"

And now here are the rest. I'm not passing judgment. Some may find a few funny. Some may not. But it does say a lot about our stereotypes  about each other and the concepts we hold dear:

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