Friday, July 08, 2011

NOM begins astroturfed campaign against marriage equality in NY

NOM president Brian Brown
Under the guise of  "the people have been denied the right to vote," the National Organization for Marriage is launching a campaign to yank marriage equality away from New York.

NOM President Brian Brown sent out this letter:

I've got really exciting news to announce to you this week: a new coalition, a new plan, a rebuilt PAC. And here's the most exciting news: a huge multi-city series of rallies and protest marches taking place across the state of New York to win a vote to protect marriage in New York's constitution!

Save the date: Sunday, July 24, 3 p.m. Go here to get the practical details. And here's the good news: You can show up to let Albany know you've had enough of the corruption, the backroom deals, the lying, the politics as usual. Let the people vote!

Don't forget to send this link to Let the People Vote to your five best friends, the folks you know who are mad enough not to take this from Republicans and other pols lying down!

We at NOM have promised to raise $2 million to help defeat the politicians who've betrayed marriage in 2012.

The good news is that in our first week alone, hundreds of you sent donations adding up to $40,000 to NOM's NY PAC. 

Interesting thing about Brown's letter. While it was extremely sketchy on details of just what NOM's plan will be, he asked for donations at least five times. Talk about your hard sells.

It's always extremely fascinating to me how NOM throws around the hyperbole. In the same letter, Brown labels lone anti-gay marriage Democrat Ruben Diaz as virtuous and heroic in spite of the fact that Diaz acted like a damn fool before the final vote.

But this is what he says about the legislators who voted for marriage equality:

On Sunday July 24 evangelicals, Orthodox Christians, Catholics, and Jews will come together in love all across the state to take back marriage from the politicians who betrayed it.

NOM claims to speak for New Yorkers but the majority of them actually support marriage equality. One would have to ask just who is NOM speaking for. It would seem to me by passing the marriage equality bill, NY legislators did follow the will of the people. 

Yet Brown makes them seem like the Hun army during a day of wanton pillaging.

Granted, Brown will say that "opinion polls don't matter,"   or "the only opinion poll is at the voting booth," or "31 states have voted against gay marriage."

Of course Brown and his fellow NOMbies will omit mentioning the mailers, the robocalls, and  the commercials linking marriage equality to the "indoctrination of children" and the deep pockets NOM uses to filter this mess throughout whichever state they are working at time.

Proving yet again that you can scare people to vote anyway you want, provided you have the money.

However, I really question NOM's intelligence here. NY will start issuing licenses on July 24.  And I am suspecting that a lot of people are going to be getting them.

I don't think that anything resembling an attempt at a referendum would be smart or politically advantageous to anyone pushing it.

Once people get a taste of ambrosia, they don't go back to scraps so easily.

And starting on July 24, there is going to be a lot of ambrosia eaters in NY.

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Know Your LGBT History - Rebecca

Rebecca (1940) was a classic film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and is remembered for several reasons.

For one, it was the only one of Hitchcock's movies to win Best Picture (although he didn't win statuette because he didn't produce the movie). For another, it cemented actress Joan Fontaine as mega star actress (between her turns in The Women in 1939 and another Hitchcock movie, Suspicion in 1941 for which she won the Oscar, Fontaine was definitely having some couple of good years).

Lastly, it is remembered for its lesbian subtext of possible unrequited love.

Rebecca tells the the story of the second bride (Fontaine) of a wealthy man (Laurence Olivier) who finds that she has to compete with the memory of his first wife, the deceased Rebecca.

Pushing that competition hard is the maid of the house, Mrs. Danvers (Dame Judith Anderson in absolutely diabolical performance) who seemed to have had a serious cruch on Rebecca.

Although the movie never comes out and says this, it leaves it to audience interpretation throughout many scenes as Mrs. Danvers plays tricks on Fontaine to slowly drive her mad or get her to commit suicide.

But the one scene which stands out is where she shows Fontaine the bedroom of the deceased Rebecca. It's eerie and pitiful at both the same time:

Then things take an ugly turn when we find out that Rebecca was murdered. By whom is not a shock (it wasn't Mrs. Danvers) but the reason why is tells us just what type of person Rebecca was.

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CNN spotlights Minnesota parents of gay soldier and their fight for marriage equality

This is a sad and, at the same time, awesome video. It's a tribute to the soldier that his parents are standing up for the rights he gave his life to protect.

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