Friday, July 08, 2011

NOM issues statement about anti-gay violence? and other Friday midday news briefs

 Hate Rhetoric? - I NEVER put items from the NOM Blog on my news briefs but this is just weird not to repeat. NOM is issuing a bizarre mea culpa about anti-gay violence. Great. Now if you would only cool it with the homophobic rhetoric (children being "forced" to learn about homosexuality) then I would actually buy what you say.

Fox News’ Obsession With The “Gay Indoctrination” Bogeyman - Pay attention, folks. One-sided attacks featuring members of anti-gay hate groups repeating lies without challenge will definitely be in the lgbtq community's future as long as Fox News has something to say about it.

We don't need LGBT-inclusive education, says person who pushes 'ex-gay'-inclusive 'education' - Candi Cushman, another phony expert.

Texas Gov. (& potential GOP Clown Car occupant) Rick Perry runs with a really batsh*t fundie crowd - And they REALLY want him to run, too.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan: Now That New York Passed Marriage Equality, Polygamy Is Next - Give it up, Mr. Dolan.

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