Friday, December 21, 2012

'Ex-gay movement trying to infiltrate the Black community' and other Friday midday news briefs

DL Foster Has a Secret: “The Perfect Storm The ‘Ex-Gay’ Movement, Religious Based Homophobia and the Black Church Pt. 1″ - Rev. Gerald Palmer is the newest writer for Truth Wins Out and mark my words when I say he will bring a much needed aspect to the fight against the fraudulent ex-gay movement. In his first piece, he details the insidious infiltration that the ex-gay fraud is attempting to make in the Black community.  

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver: Marriage equality will cause new civil war - I really wish that these bozos would make up their minds. Either marriage equality will destroy America, the world, or will cause new civil war. Why not blame marriage equality for resistant tartar on teeth?  

Pope Benedict Uses Christmas Speech To Call Same-Sex Marriage A ‘Manipulation Of Nature - If this guy keeps attacking gays, he is almost going to make me miss Alexander Borgia (look it up!)

Sandy Rios Exposes the Left's Plot to use Christmas to Distract Conservatives - Oh good grief! I repeat how can we carry on insidious plots against "American values" if we got people who are telling our plans. Just tell me - does she know about the plan to make Judy Garland's birthday a national holiday or the Joan Crawford parental at?

Excellent Christmas gift for those who love violence but hate foul language

Not necessarily lgbt-oriented, but this commercial is hilarious:

Great! I always liked my violent movies without all of that foul language. Nothing ruins shootings, stabbings, and bomb blasts like cuss words