Friday, December 21, 2012

Excellent Christmas gift for those who love violence but hate foul language

Not necessarily lgbt-oriented, but this commercial is hilarious:

Great! I always liked my violent movies without all of that foul language. Nothing ruins shootings, stabbings, and bomb blasts like cuss words


Paul R said...

I'm reminded of watching "Goodfellas" with my then-girlfriend's family. Happily watched, even chuckled, at all manner of beatings and shootings, but each "curse word" would elicit a gasp from someone.

At the next F-bomb, someone else would have to show they were at least as bothered as the others, so the gasps and "oh, my goodnesses" escalated to near-spasms by the end of the film.

I should point out that the movie was their selection, R rating and all.

Anonymous said...

and this is why I love your blog

Anonymous said...

I would love this if I could make my own list of profanity. Watching Fox news with a bleep on "Pinhead" or "Loons" for instance would be entertaining. Or using in reverse as a word catcher for drinking games. make sure you take a drink every time Paula Dean says sugar or butter. It may need some further development to catch entire strands of words such as the omnipresent 'you have your mother's eyes" from the Harry Potter series or "All for One and One for all", Man in the Iron Mask.fnuturn