Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mike Huckabee: gay marriage bad, sharing classified info with Russia good

Earlier today, I posted a video of  Mike Huckabee going on a ridiculous tangent about the SCOTUS decision which legalized marriage equality. He was completely on his high horse talking about how "God wouldn't be mocked" and how the ruling turned the country away from "holiness" and "righteousness." and how we supposedly don't have a nation of law:

It's sad that he doesn't feel the same way about a president (in this case Donald Trump) who shares classified information with Russia:

Let's recap that again in it's totality:

 Huckabee thinks that the lgbtq community winning marriage through the correct process in which our government functions reduces America to less than a country of laws. However he sees nothing wrong with defending a president who gives up classified information to a nation which, amongst other terrible acts, oppresses it's own people, thereby scaring the living crap out of our allies and possibly putting people in danger.

Huckabee has to win the award for self-righteous hypocrite of the year.

I wonder what Franklin Graham will say about this . . .

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