Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tennessee anti-gay group steals tacky video from Florida

The tactics of homophobia are never new. They are as old as the Earth itself - appeal to people's ignorance and fear and you will have success. Case in point is this ad by the The Family Action Council of Tennessee:

Does this ad look familiar? It should. In 2009, a group which called themselves Citizens for Good Policy out of Gainesville, FL ran the same ad in an effort to defeat an anti-discrimination ordinance:

Luckily the effort to defeat the anti-discrimination ordinance in FL lost by a large majority, proving that people don't always fall for vindictively inaccurate scare tactics about men in women's restrooms..

Hopefully Tennessee will be further proof of this. It's pathetic that these groups can't think of a reasonable argument against anti-discrimination ordinances so they have to conjure up lies about children in danger.

Hat tip to Truth Wins Out.

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Anti-gay groups receiving federal funds and other Thursday midday news briefs

Legislature OKs out-of-state gay marriages - Good things are happening in Washington State.

Gay marriage ban is simply wrong for state - A column from Indiana simply nails it.

Religious groups receive federal funding despite anti-gay political activity - The only reason why this is happening is because the lgbt community isn't raising sufficient hell over it.

Religious Right Favorite Trent Franks Poised To Run For Senate - Lord give us strength!

Gay people 'at higher risk of chronic illness' - Watch how the religious right distort this report by omitting the reason why this is so - i.e. lack of strong family support.

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The National Organization for Marriage's ugly face on video

The National Organization for Marriage tries to push itself as an organization dedicated to preserving the "sanctity of marriage." However do not be fooled. As the following video featuring its leaders and followers demonstrates, it is just yet another homophobic religious right group, albeit one with deep pockets.

By the way, this video is from the excellent webpage, which should be a resource for every lgbt and ally concerned with marriage equality and NOM's dishonest efforts to impede marriage equality

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Yes Maggie Gallagher, you are bigoted and NOM is homophobic. Here's why.

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