Monday, April 11, 2016

How Fox News contributed to Mississippi's anti-lgbt law

The above video from Media Matters reminds us of an important factor in the passage of that awful anti-lgbt law in Mississippi - A propaganda network with no accountability which peddled in the false "Christian are being persecuted" argument while simultaneously featuring anti-gay talking heads and giving them the ability to spout lies without challenge or debate.

Or as we call it, Fox News:

 Fox News has long touted the stories of a handful of anti-gay photographers, bakers, and florists who refused to provide services to same-sex couples and were then sued for violating nondiscrimination ordinances. In regular segments that Fox dubs the “Fight for Faith,” the network often sides with for-profit businesses -- like an Idaho wedding chapel -- to claim that the Christian business owners are being persecuted by the government or LGBT activists . . .

Fox News employees have even written books devoted to the anti-LGBT Christian persecution myth. In 2014,Fox News’ anti-gay mouthpiece and serial misinformer Todd Starnes went on a publicity tour for his book God Less America, which details “real stories from the frontlines of the attack on traditional values.” This February, Fox News contributor and prominent conservative media figure Erick Erickson released a book You Will Be Made To Care, The War on Faith, Family And Your Freedom To Believe, which explores how the "leftist-homosexual mafia" is waging a "war on Christians.” Conservative media’s misinformation campaign framing Christians as “victims” of discrimination is part of a larger effort by anti-LGBT activists seeking to pass “religious freedom” laws. With Fox News providing the “Fight for Faith” stories to lay the groundwork for laws like Mississippi’s, anti-LGBT organizations can continue their national push for laws that protect anti-LGBT discrimination. 

So after we defeat the laws like the one in Mississippi - and we will - what are we going to about Fox News? And wistful thoughts of their male personalities being caught on their knees in public restrooms is not an option. So please don't introduce that as some type of solution.

'Franklin Graham willing to deceive to legislate morality' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Graham willing to lie to legislate morality

'Nation Embracing Sin': Franklin Graham Goes on Twitter Rant to Defend North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law - Franklin Graham is a demagogue and a dangerous fool, but he has just done the lgbt community a favor with his egotistical tweets. Here is the question and it will be addressed in court - if you feel that something is a sin (in this case being an lgbt), is it right to create a false moral panic, lies, and laws to suppress said "sin?" Graham seems to think yes. With no proof that women and girls would be harmed by transgender folks using bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender identity they define for themselves and with no way of explaining why should lgbts be denied anti-discrimination protection, that should be the question we need to demand from the courts. 

Bryan Adams Follows In Springsteen’s Footsteps, Cancels Mississippi Gig - First Bruce Springsteen. Now Bryan Adams. Some may not agree with their cancellations, but they are very necessary.  

Anti-LGBT group from U.S. holds Barbados conference - Reason why have to start taking these folks seriously. If you are, then educate others. Worldwide groups with many connections and lots of money whose goal is the suppression of lgbt equality. Would be a James Bond movie if it weren't true.  

Ted Cruz Is 'Honored' To Have The Support Of Colorado's Demon-Hunting, Anti-Gay Exorcist State Legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt - Another reason Ted Cruz shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the White House. Not even to use the toilet.  

A Trans Woman’s Coworkers Threw Her A Party After She Came Out To Them - A reminder about the power of good in the world.