Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NOM's silly spokesperson attacks gay families again

Per usual, members of the religious right are attacking gay parenting (again). Jennifer Morse of NOM's Ruth Institute is talking to conservative host Michael Brown and proceeds to go on a ridiculous tangent about parenting in which she spouts very little facts. Her rambling starts at 2:00 of this clip:


Here are just a few things I noticed. I'm sure you can add more:

At 2:20 - Morse says that there needs to be more recruitment of adoptive parents coming from the mother/father dynamic. That's a good point which she brings up because as far as I know, NOM has NEVER undertaken any attempt or pushed any legislation to do this.

2:25 - Morse says that since American couples "go all over the world" to find children to adopt, including children of different races and handicaps so she does not believe that there is a shortage of homes to adopt children. Funny how she doesn't cite any statistics.

Fact: According to Adam Pertman, head of the Evan Donaldson Adoption Institute:

More than 104,000 children in the United States are waiting in foster care to be adopted by permanent, loving parents. These girls and boys, who are on average 8 years old, typically remain in temporary situations for over three years before being placed with "forever families."

Then Morse goes into a spiel which folks on her side the argument have done before and very few of us have called them out -  pitting heterosexual two-parent families against gay parents. She makes it seem that society is favoring gay parenting supposedly traditional heterosexual parenting, when in fact there has never been any competition regarding gay or heterosexual parents, except for in the talking points of folks like Morse.

She then claims that one cannot compare same-sex parenting to heterosexual parenting without going into detail as to why. Of course Morse is contradicted by many credible health organizations including the American Psychological Association and the National Association of Social Workers.

Everything else Morse says is purely blather and nonsense which has nothing to do with the reality of gays raising children.

And the religious right can't seem to figure out why they lose the vast majority of court cases involving gay adoption.

'No gays allowed' prom idea backfires on organizers' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

'Gay-free' prom idea backfires on supporters in Indiana town - MSNBC is now saying that idea of a "traditional" prom with no gays allowed has backfired on the organizers with the school and the church where they met coming out against their idea. I can remember a day when they would have been widely applauded. I do love change.  

BREAKING: French National Assembly Approves Marriage Equality And Same-Sex Adoption - That tremor you just felt? Members of the National Organization for Marriage suffering a spell of mass fainting. So much for THAT French Revolution the organization was pushing. At least Brian Brown got a free trip to France.  

We're Not Saying Gays Are Pedophiles, But… - Attack of the "yeah, but Christians."

 Pentagon to extend additional benefits to same-sex service members and their families - Sweet!

 Kenneth Faried, Denver Nuggets Star, Becomes First NBA Player To Join Gay Rights Sports Group - Good for him! I do love getting allies.  

Pedophilia Myth Tainted Cable News Coverage Of Boy Scouts' Anti-Gay Ban - Ugly madness

FRC- Obama wanted to force nursery schools to hire drag kings and drag queens

No matter how many times the Family Research Council claim that they are merely "defending" Christian values, the organization cannot hide that its stock and trade is bigotry and hysterical lies about the gay community. For example, check the following tidbit it sent out as a recent Washington Update (important part placed in bold):

 Just three weeks after a federal court ruled that the White House had overstepped its authority in certain "recess" appointments, the President isn't showing any signs of backing off his second-term power grab. During tomorrow's State of the Union speech, the President is expected to announce another round of "executive actions" on issues he doesn't feel Congress is moving quickly enough to address. Like his two dozen gun initiatives, these directives would help President Obama implement the more controversial parts of his agenda without the House and Senate's approval

. "It's a very dangerous road he's going down..." said Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). "Just because Congress doesn't act doesn't mean the President has a right to." Although the White House wouldn't comment on the details, officials have confirmed that his actions would include special right for homosexuals and cross-dressers in the workplace. With lawmakers in both parties unwilling to push Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the President is moving ahead on his own version, which would ban government contractors from "discriminating" on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised to put the "whole weight of [his] administration behind... a fully inclusive [ENDA]." His position, which would have ordered employers (like schools and day care centers) to hire transsexuals, drag queens, and drag kings, was considered "too radical" even for his own party. Now the President is considering the next best thing: demanding full conformity with his views for anyone working with or for the federal government. 

You will notice that the piece never said a word about "Christian values." Rather, it shrieks portents of doom about young children held as captive audiences in schools with "transsexuals?," "drag queens," and drag kings."

Exploiting the fear of parents regarding the safety of their children is the lowest thing any one person or organization can do.

But I guess with FRC, it's business as usual.