Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FRC- Obama wanted to force nursery schools to hire drag kings and drag queens

No matter how many times the Family Research Council claim that they are merely "defending" Christian values, the organization cannot hide that its stock and trade is bigotry and hysterical lies about the gay community. For example, check the following tidbit it sent out as a recent Washington Update (important part placed in bold):

 Just three weeks after a federal court ruled that the White House had overstepped its authority in certain "recess" appointments, the President isn't showing any signs of backing off his second-term power grab. During tomorrow's State of the Union speech, the President is expected to announce another round of "executive actions" on issues he doesn't feel Congress is moving quickly enough to address. Like his two dozen gun initiatives, these directives would help President Obama implement the more controversial parts of his agenda without the House and Senate's approval

. "It's a very dangerous road he's going down..." said Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa). "Just because Congress doesn't act doesn't mean the President has a right to." Although the White House wouldn't comment on the details, officials have confirmed that his actions would include special right for homosexuals and cross-dressers in the workplace. With lawmakers in both parties unwilling to push Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the President is moving ahead on his own version, which would ban government contractors from "discriminating" on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

As a presidential candidate, Barack Obama promised to put the "whole weight of [his] administration behind... a fully inclusive [ENDA]." His position, which would have ordered employers (like schools and day care centers) to hire transsexuals, drag queens, and drag kings, was considered "too radical" even for his own party. Now the President is considering the next best thing: demanding full conformity with his views for anyone working with or for the federal government. 

You will notice that the piece never said a word about "Christian values." Rather, it shrieks portents of doom about young children held as captive audiences in schools with "transsexuals?," "drag queens," and drag kings."

Exploiting the fear of parents regarding the safety of their children is the lowest thing any one person or organization can do.

But I guess with FRC, it's business as usual.


Jim Hlavac said...

What's a "Drag King" -- I've never heard the term. How come these people know more about gay stuff than I do, and I've been out since 1975 (or, never in, to hear my mother say it.)

I think, though, Tony's biggest fear is that 90% of the nation is coming round to like us, "evolving" faster than Darwin thought evolution could happen, and at least willing to talk to us and treat us nicely -- and if this continues, poor Tony will be out of a job. And alas, there are few job openings for "gay delusionist." I can't imagine what his resume could say: "30 years of trashing gay folks..." Hmm, not a plus.

As for Mr. Obama, well, it is nice that he's evolved, as every other hetero in the land has had to do -- some came along a bit earlier than he, so a "leader" and at the "forefront" is sort of hard to grant him. And what that has to do with the rest of his policies I don't know. For I didn't know that there is a "Gay" position on, say, taxes.

Meanwhile, amazing what gay folks did without any political support in 40 years -- and only since 2000 have any politicians really bothered to say a nice word about us. Good for them. I have faith that the rest will evolve -- and, weirdly, Tony too.

Anonymous said...

Jim Hlavac - a Drag King is female presenting as male for shows and such, like a Drag Queen but with the genders reversed.

wildwildwest said...

It's always the 4-Gs with the Republicons.
1. Gays
2. Guns
3. God
4. Gynecology
It's how they make their money!