Monday, June 22, 2020

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Shut up, Franklin Graham. Your latest defense of Trump is downright embarrassing

Leave it to Franklin Graham make Donald Trump look like the victim because of the fallout of his tremendous flop of a rally in Tulsa, OK on Saturday. And making bitchy attacks on Joe Biden, while doing it.

Of course Graham, having traded Jesus for Trump as his savior, will say anything to buttress his new leader. But his defense of Trump's newest debacle is downright embarrassing.

 Let's break it down:

Biden has no rallies because of social distancing. He has chosen to follow the advice of health officials because of the pandemic. A pandemic, by the way, which continues to get worse in this country thanks to Trump's piss poor leadership
Trump did not have this rally because he wanted to "get out with the people." He wanted praise and adulation. He had not had a rally since March because of the pandemic. And by the way,  eight members of his staff tested positive for the coronavirus. Six were announced to have tested positive on the day of the rally. 
What issues are important to you, Mr. Graham? Putting people who burn the flag in jail for a year? Trump's ability to walk down a ramp or drink a glass of water? Or how about bragging that he told officials to slow down coronavirus testing, which is the absolute worse thing to do during this pandemic. Those "issues" were what he talked about. This rally was the same whining, griping, rambling and abject bullshit we have come to expect from Trump, but you go ahead and pass it off as poetry simply because he is putting conservative judges on the bench. By all means, please continue to jab your head up his backside.