Wednesday, February 14, 2024

'Anti-LGBTQ filmmakers tried to trick people into appearing in their 'documentary'' & other Wed/Thur news briefs

Robby (left) and Landon Starbuck (right) prove that anti-LGBTQ activists are just like pigs. You can't keep them from the trough.

Right-Wing Filmmakers Allegedly Tricked a Drag Queen Into Being in an Anti-Trans Movie - Robby Starbuck and his wife, Landon, are two highly vulgar pieces of sh!t. They are two pathetic grifters of the lowest order attempting to gain status and prominence by demonizing LGBTQ people. And as this article shows, they aren't even original. 

Emails Reveal How Anti-Trans Doc Tried To Dupe LGBTQ Allies Into Participating - For those interested, this the Rolling Stone article referenced in the news article above in its entirety and no behind a paywall. 

 Related post - Taken out-of-context video fuels ugly lie about drag queens 'grooming' children - To get a complete picture of we are dealing with when it comes to the Starbucks, the following post is from 2022. It was then that Starbuck caused a huge firestorm in Tennessee by presenting a video out of context to falsely claim that a drag queen was encouraging a little girl to fondle him. It was mess like this which led to unsuccessful and very costly attempts to ban drag in the state.

Bottom line - Robby and Landon Starbuck proves there is always some trash lurking about eager to harm LGBTQ people for attention and profit. You simply cannot keep hogs away from the trough when they think food is there.

In other news

One Millions Moms is furious over those Super Bowl ads celebrating Jesus, says they weren’t anti-gay enough - Poor babies.

LGBTQ elected leaders are ‘the strongest line of defense’ - Once again, voting matters. And LGBTQ people should NEVER be ashamed to vote for their own, especially when it comes to protecting our self-interests. All other groups in this country do it. We should too.