Friday, January 26, 2018

'Another physician rebukes Trump Administration for HHS 'religious freedom' division' & other Fri midday news briefs

A Doctor's Take on the Health Department's New 'Religious Freedom Division'- Another physician, Dr. Magda Houlberg, is calling out the Trump Administration's desire to protect healthcare workers who use their religion as an excuse to not treat certain patients. We need a few more before there can be an official backlash. And I hope they are forthcoming. 

Related post - Pediatrician isn't here for the anti-LGBTQ religious liberty con game

Fresh call to ban 'gay conversion therapy' - The Church of England is calling for a nation-wide ban on "ex-gay" therapy. Wow! Would be awesome if someone did the same thing in this country. Stop laughing . . .

Anti-LGBTQ hate group orchestrates client business practices to win cases - The anti-LGBTQ industry can't win against us fairly in the courts, so they are attempting to game the system. This doesn't come from genuine concern about "religious freedom." Such Machiavellian plots comes from the desire to discriminate.

Anti-LGBTQ Violence Claimed One Life For Every Week In 2017 - Simply awful. Just can't say anything else.

Steve Strang: Christians Who Oppose Trump Need To ‘Get Over It’ - Whatever. Write your own epitaphs.

Pence breaks tie to confirm anti-LGBT Brownback nomination - Say hello to Sam Brownback, America's ambassador at-large for religious freedom. Whatever that is. We will be watching you, Sammy.

Exclusive: Majority of Americans support transgender military service - poll - Damn right.