Monday, October 01, 2012

Bigot tells me to get some female 'tail' so that God is no longer disgusted with me

I received the following "comment" from someone who did not appreciate my posts on being black and gay. It's NSFW (not safe for work):

 If the choice is between GOD and your fetish you lose. You already know in your heart that homoism disgusts GOD and is an insult to HIS PERFECT DESIGN. Men were created to mate with women.Design determines function. Homos operate in a dysfunctional manner.they are defective. Homos think they are smarter than GOD.the end for unrepentant folk will be worse than than their imaginations coul(d) ever conceive. Blacks have nothing in common with gays. Really. Some blacks (have) such low self esteem they will even become gay to be accepted. Man go get some pussy.

To my mysterious fan who has a very strange view of language used in defense of God's "perfect design," I have one thing to say.

Educate yourself:

One more thing - If you think that having "relations" with a woman is going to change my sexual orientation, then you've got higher hopes than the ant in that Frank Sinatra song that tried to move that rubber tree plant.

Editor's note - I looked for a video showcasing famous African-American transgenders and unfortunately could not find any. If someone finds such a video, please send it to me and I will post it.

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'Supreme Court knocks NOM on its behind again' and other Monday midday news briefs

Supreme Court Denies National Organization For Marriage Appeal - Face it, NOM. The Supreme Court's just not into you.
Bryan Fischer refers to LGBT kids as 'mentally disordered'; further connects animus to his movement - Bryan Fischer is the type of person who makes you forget the Biblical verse "suffer the little children" and instead focus on the other meaning of the word "suffer."

 NFL punter Chris Kluwe does it AGAIN! Awesome must-read response to homophobe!- I'm starting to REALLY like this guy.

  Rmdr: Minnesota For Marriage's star has admitted she's against 'the lifestyle' - Again, how NOM's folks pleads niceties in from of the camera while throwing down the fire and brimstone while no one is looking. 

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2012 LGBT History Month Icons are an excellently diverse group

Equality Forum is out with a detailed list of the 2012 Icons for LGBT History Month (October, after all, is LGBT History Month). Check out who was chosen:

 As usual when it comes to lists like this, there will be some folks vocalizing about who was or wasn't chosen. In a general  sense, I like the list. And  I especially would like to see more lgbt children viewing this video so that they can know that their God-given sexual orientation is not a curse, but a blessing. Anything which can inspire lgbt children to know that success is not the enemy of being openly gay is always a plus in my book.

By all mean, please let me know- via the comments section - who you think should have made the list. And why.

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