Monday, October 01, 2012

2012 LGBT History Month Icons are an excellently diverse group

Equality Forum is out with a detailed list of the 2012 Icons for LGBT History Month (October, after all, is LGBT History Month). Check out who was chosen:

 As usual when it comes to lists like this, there will be some folks vocalizing about who was or wasn't chosen. In a general  sense, I like the list. And  I especially would like to see more lgbt children viewing this video so that they can know that their God-given sexual orientation is not a curse, but a blessing. Anything which can inspire lgbt children to know that success is not the enemy of being openly gay is always a plus in my book.

By all mean, please let me know- via the comments section - who you think should have made the list. And why.

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1 comment:

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

It is nice to see some current faces like Jodi Foster. It is important for all kids to know LGBT history. May would be suprised. I hope some are inspired.
Maybe save a life or two knowing they have role models.