Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Video - Florida returns to the dark days of Anita Bryant with 'Don't Say Gay' bill

In 1977,  spokeswoman for the Florida Citrus Commission and former beauty pageant contestant Anita Bryant led a controversial but highly successful campaign to repeal a Dade County nondiscrimination ordinance. She did so by spreading ugly lies about gay men wanting "access" to children.  Her campaign was the first organized opposition to our rights.

One would think that 45 years later, people wouldn't fall for the same lie. But as the above video from Equality Florida proves, it's easy to fool people repeatedly with the same lie as long as you repackage it, such as with this 'Don't Say Gay' bill moving through the state legislature.

Florida has gone from 1977's 'Save Our Children' to 2022's 'Don't Say Gay' and the only thing we've seemed to have learned is how easy it is to needlessly scare people with horror stories - even implied - about gays and children. 

In some ways, America hasn't changed at all since 1977. And that is depressing.

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