Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Dennis Prager: Heterosexual AIDS is leftist myth

I weep for American journalism today where just about every inane opinion is presented without discernment under the guise that it's merely "an opinion." Where talentless twitter trolls, humorless comedy hacks, loudmouth jerks, bloodsucking shrews and lamias from the worst part of a child's nightmares, or all-around-jackasses are the faces we see and the voices we hear. Where good research and writing has been replaced by half-assed punditry by partisans who are grossly fattened off of think tank and wingnut welfare.

From Equality Matters:

Conservative columnist Dennis Prager claimed that “heterosexual AIDS” is a crisis “entirely manufactured by the Left,” continuing his years-long campaign of peddling dangerous and inaccurate AIDS denialism.

Prager’s July 1 syndicated column featured a defense of the Washington Redskins’ name. Prager accused the “American Left” of being preoccupied with “manufactured” controversies and crises, including “heterosexual AIDS”:
The great majority of American Indians understandably just don’t care. Like heterosexual AIDS and so many other crises, this has been entirely manufactured by the Left. Since 1947, there has been a movie theater, the Redskin Theatre (with the same logo as the football team), in Anadarko, Okla., a city whose population is divided evenly between Indians and whites and that calls itself the “Indian Capital of the Nation.” Why, in 67 years, have the Indian populations of Anadarko and Oklahoma not changed this theater’s name? Because the Left hadn’t made it an issue. It’s not an Indian issue; it’s a left-wing issue. [emphasis added]
Prager’s comparison is the latest in his long and bizarre history of falsely asserting that HIV and AIDS aren’t issues for heterosexuals. As Adam Serwer wrote for The American Prospect in 2008, Prager exemplifies a strain of “AIDS denialism” that suggests that “AIDS is a ‘gay’ problem, and so heterosexuals don’t have to worry about it.”

You can read more here if you haven't gotten disgusted yet

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Religious right movie should be early favorite for bad movie awards

Who in the hell put Rick Santorum in charge of a movie studio, even if its a small one. This trailer is one of his efforts and gives a good reason why all of this junk about "persecution" you hear from supposed Christians like him and the rest of the religious right is going to backfire.

These folks don't believe in nuanced discussions. They are like children who have to get their way all of the time. Any opposition or disagreement with their point of view is automatic grounds for them to start conjuring up images of oppression, death camps, the so-called destruction of liberty, and especially Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany? REALLY? This corny movie will be out in September.