Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Fox News pundits attack LGBTQ organization which parent company Fox Corp actually supports

Fox News playing its viewers for suckers again.

Media Matters for America comes through again with what should be seen as a blockbuster. Fox News is playing both sides of the LGBTQ "culture war."

Fox News has been attempting to stir up vitriol about corporate support for GLSEN, a nonprofit group that works to combat anti-LGBTQ bullying. If they’re looking for companies to boycott for supporting GLSEN, they don’t need to look far: Fox News’ parent company Fox Corp. previously said it has “raised awareness and demonstrated support” for the pro-LGBTQ group. 

 Fox News has been waging war against corporate support for LGBTQ causes, including recent attacks on Bud Light and Target. It has also begun criticizing Target for partnering with GLSEN, an organization whose “mission is to create safe, inclusive learning environments for K-12 students.” Fox editor Hannah Grossman has written two anti-GLSEN articles in the past week that carry the headlines: “Target partners with org pushing for kids' genders to be secretly changed in schools without parental consent” and “Target marketing VP holds senior position at org pushing secretive transgender policies in K-12 schools.” 

 Media Matters points out that these accusations against GLSEN lodged in the articles have also been repeated on the news network. However, if GLSEN is so bad, then why does Fox News' parent company, Fox Corp openly support GLSEN?

. . .Fox Corp. stated in 2021 that it supports the nonprofit, writing in its corporate social responsibility report that it has “raised awareness and demonstrated support for organizations working on behalf of the LGBTQ community including” GLSEN It also lists GLSEN in its 2022 corporate social responsibility report among organizations that it supports. Additionally, Fox Corp. names GLSEN in a video posted on the front page of its website of organizations it supports. 

And here is something worth remembering during Pride Month when Fox News pushes its anti-LGBTQ narrative:

 Fox Corp. has written that it is “committed to LGBTQ+ equality” in material to shareholders and ad buyers while Fox News has spent years attacking the LGBTQ community on its programming. Even Fox News has a website claiming it “celebrates the contributions to America by the LGBTQ+ community.”

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