Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How 'Murphy Brown' helped break gay stereotypes over 25 years ago

I haven't done a "let's take our minds off of the struggle for a little while" post in a long time. So, enjoy this bit of LGBTQ television history, courtesy of the Huffington Post and my friend, Matt Baume.

From The Huffington Post:
When “Murphy Brown” premiered in 1988, the CBS series broke new ground in its portrayal of women in the workforce. The show gently pushed the envelope with regard to gay characters, too, according to Seattle-based writer Matt Baume.
In the latest installment of his “Culture Cruise” video series, Baume breaks down a 1992 episode of “Murphy Brown” titled “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are.” In it, the character of Miles Silverberg (played by Grant Shaud) recalls a dream he had about touring the Washington Monument with a new colleague, Rick (Brian McNamara). After co-workers point out that Rick is gay, Miles begins to contemplate the dream’s arguably homoerotic undertone and, in turn, question his own sexuality.

'Homophobic conspiracy theorist caught up in Mueller investigation' & other Wed midday news briefs

Jerome Corsi, who falsely claimed that Obama is gay and promiscuous, has been caught up in Mueller's investigation of Trump.

Robert Mueller’s latest target is a nutty anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theorist - Ain't it amazing how folks making their money partly by denigrating the LGBTQ community is caught up in the Trump/Russia investigation. Thanks to LGBTQnation, we can remember just how homophobic Jerome Corsi is. Particularly when a conspiracy of his is that Obama is actually gay and was "popular" around Chicago bathhouses. Then there was the time when Corsi, while attacking marriage equality at a tea party rally, said that sex is not supposed to be fun. None of THOSE jokes, please . . . (oh who am I kidding?)

Some Libraries Are Facing Backlash Against LGBT Programs — And Holding Their Ground - Damn right! The backlash is only a sign that you are doing something right. It's what you when in the backlash that determines loss or victory.

‘Boy Erased’ Author Garrard Conley: ‘I’m Saying The Stuff No One Wants To Say’ - And it NEEDS to be said. 'Ex-gay' therapy is a huge fraud. 

No, No, No: European Court Rules Russia Can’t Ban LGBTQ Events - Well alright!