Thursday, May 10, 2018

Alex Jones, Infowars verbal attacks on lesbian community reveal sad inadequacies

I apologize for exposing you to this awful video. From Media Matters:

Anyone watching Infowars long enough would notice host Alex Jones’ remarkable obsession with a very specific subset of the global population: lesbians. Jones’ unhinged tirades about innumerable topics have rightfully made him a target for online mockery and the protagonist of numerous internet memes. But there’s something more sinister than funny in the way that Jones and some of his guest co-hosts depict, mock, and dissociate from lesbians to Infowars’ hundreds of thousands of viewers. ones’ guest co-hosts -- including Gavin McInnes, founder of the chauvinistic fraternal organization Proud Boys, Infowars contributor Owen Shroyer, and anti-feminist troll Milo Yiannopoulos -- mimic his hateful rhetoric. That treatment ranges from sexist, sophomoric mocking of lesbians for their supposed appearance to the dangerous perpetuation of the absurd idea that lesbians are depressed because they need a man or have turned to women after having a “bad experience with men in their life.”

This is disgusting, it's nasty, it's grotesque. But it is part of the mindset which has put this country in the state it's in today, i.e. being led by incompetent dumbass who is supported by a  right-wing media obsessed with gaining money and ratings, conservative evangelicals abandoning their supposed integrity in a quest for secular power, and online moronic trolls who don't care about anything else other than "triggering liberals."

On the other hand, a bunch of pathetic wannabe alpha males attacking the "dreaded other," in this case the lesbian community, to cover up for their own obvious inadequacies is probably the best definition of what's going on these days.