Monday, January 25, 2010

Homosexuality and pedophilia - the false connection

This video is from Rob Tisinai and his webpage and it breaks down the lie that homosexuality and pedophilia are connected.

We have seen religious right organizations and talking heads pushing this false connection from Anita Bryant to the Proposition 8 supporters. And they only push it because we don't aggressively refute it. I think that it's high time we started:

I also strongly suggest the folks bookmark and pay attention to

It's an awesome webpage.

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Study refutes religious right talking point and other Monday midday news briefs

Study asks if mom and dad are the best match for children - It's a good question and a good refutation.

Wayne Besen: Our Lazy Foes Are In Hibernation - I'll believe it when I see it. You know how those folks are.

A warning shot on 'Don't Ask' - I don't necessarily like to link from Politico, but Socarides makes a good point.

The More Moderate, Less Heated Religious Right? - Are journalists lazy?

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South Carolina resurrects bill excluding lgbt teens

 What's wrong with South Carolina?

One would think that my lovely home state, after enduring the scandal of a Governor cheating on his wife, and now dealing with a Lt. Governor with the charity of Ebenezer Scrooge, wouldn't want to compound the error by demonstrating that the entire governing body of elected officials are totally devoid of decency or common sense.

Think again. A bill against dating violence, which specifically excludes lgbt teens, is being brought back up by the Legislature.

Last year, State Rep. Janet Brady introduced a bill that was supposed to prevent violence in teen dating relationships. It would have required school districts to distribute written materials to parents and students about the dangers of teen dating violence. It sounded like an excellent bill. However another legislator, Greg Delleny, thought it necessary to add an amendment to the bill specifically saying that the bill would apply to only heterosexual couples.

Delleny said he didn't want schools to be "forced" to teach about same sex relationships.

Lgbts and our allies statewide protested and the bill was tabled.

However, it is back. Apparently it was sent to SC Senate Education Committee last week. One wonders what will happen next.

SC Equality, one of the many organizations in the state who do excellent work regarding lgbt equality and education, said the following:

Fair-minded South Carolinians who believe in equality must help stop this discriminatory bill.  Please call or email the members of the SC Senate Education Committee now, and tell them that EVERY student in the state deserves to be protected from violence.
The names of committee members are below. Their links take you to their senate pages. Please call (best option) or choose the "send message" link to tell them that all students, regardless of sexual orientation, should be included in age appropriate education on dating violence. 

Courson, John E. , Chm.
Setzler, Nikki G.
Matthews, John W. , Jr.
Hayes, Robert W. , Jr.
Rankin, Luke A.
Fair, Michael L.
Peeler, Harvey S. , Jr.
Leventis, Phil P.
Jackson, Darrell
Anderson, Ralph
Ryberg, W. Greg
Grooms, Lawrence K. "Larry"
Martin, Larry A.
Malloy, Gerald
Lourie, Joel
Massey, A. Shane
Davis, Tom 

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