Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gay leaders are NOT a threat to Boy Scouts - here is the proof

Now that the Boy Scouts have moved in the direction of allowing local chapters decide whether or not gays can serve as scoutmasters, various anti-gay groups and personalities are playing the homosexuality = pedophilia card and spinning stories of boys being molested by gay men.

Of course this is untrue and my friend Matt Baume has just come out with a video refuting the horror story:

'Anti-gay right stirring up lies in Houston again' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Todd Starnes will be stirring up lies in Houston soon.
The Next Major LGBT Rights Battle Is Happening In Houston - And Conservatives Are Telling Its Story - Here we go again with Houston. Like any good horror movie monster, the anti-gay right keep coming with their lies. We just have to build better ways to debunk them. Getting tired is for wimps.  

Daily Show Debunks ‘Anti-Christian Discrimination’ Myth - Jon Stewart may be leaving but as long as The Daily Show keeps running these vignettes, I'm cool. 

Same-Sex Couples Are Securing Retroactive Recognition Of Their Marriages - Now this is nice. I TOTALLY approve! 

 In a Word, What It Means to Be Gay - "Magic. A whole lot of magic." (Bet you don't know what movie THAT came from.)  

Anti-Gay Baker Claims He Is Really Battling Satan, Nazism - You turned down an order from a lesbian couple and then shared their personal information on Facbook, you NIMROD. I fail to see the comparison.  

Pat Robertson: Gays Can Become Straight If They 'Start Acting Like Men' - And now, I am speechless . . .