Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Gay journalist - George Santos' serial lying undercuts GOP attack on LGBTQ people

George Santos

For those who aren't paying attention, the GOP was supposed to officially take control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday. I say "supposed to" because they are presently sidetracked with a delightful internal fight which at present leaves them with no Speaker of the House.

Poor Kevin McCarthy. He bent over backwards, stooped lower than most, and handed off pieces of whatever little integrity he had for the job of Speaker and it still isn't enough to satisfy some of his own people.

Mind you though, this is simply one of the many problems the GOP has had stemming from last year's mid-terms. They were supposed to take over both Houses of Congress in what was called a "red wave." The "red wave" turned out to be a pink trickle which saw them barely taking over the House while actually losing a seat in the Senate.

However, lost in the story of the GOP in disarray is another one which we should pay close attention to.

 According to long-time LGBTQ journalist and good friend of mine (yes, I am name-dropping and clout- chasing) Michelangelo Signorile, this story has to do with recently elected and proven "liar-on-steroids" George Santos. 

To hear Signorile tell it, the LGBTQ community "dodged a bullet" in terms of the damage Santos could have done to the community as an openly gay Republican because his history of telling outrageous lies nukes his effectiveness as a possible mouthpiece for anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Signorile's column deserves a read and a share.


None of us knows exactly what will happen next regarding fabulist grifter George Santos. But one thing is clear: As a House representative, he’s severely damaged goods, exposed beyond anyone’s wildest imagination as a less-than-talented Mr. Ripley. 

That is a great development for LGBTQ Americans as Republicans are set to push a federal “don’t say gay” bill through the House with the help of gay Republicans who psychotically believe they’ll be accepted by MAGA extremists immersed in QAnon conspiracies if they just throw some of their own under the bus. 

 Santos, who supported Ron DeSantis’s odious “don’t say gay” law, would have been front and center in this effort as the first non-incumbent gay Republican elected to the House. He’d surely have been the poster boy of self-hate, giving speeches on the floor and sitting on TV talk shows, pushing smears about gay teachers as “groomers,” and attacking drag queens and transgender people as dangerous to children.

 But now Santos will be too preoccupied with keeping his seat in Congress, let alone keeping himself out of an American, or perhaps Brazilian, prison. He’ll have to keep his head down as GOP leaders do everything they can to hide this deranged fabricator from the press. Nothing he says will have even a shred of credibility. 

 Only weeks ago the tiny band of gay MAGA in politics was exhilarated over having one of its own in the House. But after the scandal broke the joyous squealing fell more silent than a herd of feral pigs that suddenly keeled over.

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