Friday, January 17, 2014

Know Your LGBT History - That Certain Summer

That Certain Summer (1972), an ABC Movie of the Week, has been called the first one of the first movies to deal with homosexuality with a sympathetic tone.

From Wikipedia:

Divorced San Francisco contractor Doug Salter is looking forward to a summer visit from his fourteen-year-old son Nick, who lives in Los Angeles with his mother Janet. What the boy doesn't know is that his father is gay and committed to Gary McClain, his life partner of several years, who opts to move out temporarily in order to keep Nick's possible suspicions at bay. When he finds evidence of his father's secret life, the teen — filled with shame and disgust — runs away. Once reunited with his son, Doug attempts to explain his sexual orientation to him, with decidedly mixed results.

Seeing that it was 1972 when it premiered, I found the movie to be highly dated, particularly the stilted way Holbrook explains his homosexuality to his son. That Certain Summer received a lot of critical acclaim and nominated for seven Emmys. However, it only won one of the nominations (Jacoby for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in Drama). In 1998, That Certain Summer received a Producer Guild of America Hall of Fame Award.

Those interested in this movie can view it on youtube .

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