Monday, February 06, 2023

Hate group proves that conservative outrage over Sam Smith and the Grammys is simply about grabbing attention and money

 It's been like this all day Monday. 

Recording artists Sam Smith and Petras performed their hit song 'Unholy' at the Grammy Awards Sunday night and conservative activists and provocateurs have been almost literally stepping over each other to get their moment in the spotlight condemning the performance.

But hate group the American Family Association gets to the gist of the outrage - rage posting for clout and attention. And forget Sam Smith and Petras because AFA has its eye on a goose more golden than either singer:

On Sunday, many Americans gather to worship God as a family of believers. 

 But to Pfizer, CBS and the Grammys, Sunday is a time to bring debauchery and Satanic worship to the world. During the annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Feb.5, originally designed to recognize outstanding artists in the music industry, Pfizer pharmaceutical company felt it fitting to sponsor performers Sam Smith, who claims to be non-binary, and Kim Petras, who claims to be transgender. These two gave the nation a Satan-themed performance of their song "Unholy," in which Petras performed inside a cage with drag queens dressed in devil costumes, while Smith gyrated in a costume with devil horns sticking out from a top hat. 

 The entire "performance" depicted a hellish scene with lots of darkness, blood red colors and flames. 

 And now to the gist of AFA's "concern" 

 Pfizer's sponsorship and ads suggest the company wants your body to be healthy but has no concern about souls celebrating hell. 


 Sign our petition to Pfizer, urging the company to distance itself from controversial programs that have a history of offending decency and disrespecting people of faith. You might consider using alternative health products and medicines to those made by Pfizer. Some of Pfizer's most recognizable products include Advil, Celebrex, Robitussin, Chapstick, Preparation-H, Sensodyne toothpaste, Centrum vitamins and Nexium for heartburn.


But why Pfizer?

 For those who don't know, Pfizer has been a huge target of rage of the religious right and other conservatives because of the COVID vaccine it helped to develop. There are a vast number of conspiracy theories accusing Pfizer of helping to create COVID to supposedly exaggerating the impact of COVID to lastly undermining the alleged harm of vaccines. 

AFA's dragging of Pfizer into the Sam Smith pseudo-outrage is simply a dog whistle to conspiracy theorist on the far right and others who have taken a similar narrative. 

And it gets more confusing the deeper one gets into that world.  All together, those on the right are weaving a jumbled up, highly confused narrative that Pfizer, COVID and the Sam Smith's performance at Grammy Awards is tied together in some sort of  plot to usher in a "globalist world of Satanic worship, pedophiliac elites trafficking children."

Or something like that. 

Basically what we are talking about here is a calculating, cynical attempt to exploit a music performance in order to gain some attention and make some money. Truth be told, I am willing to bet that someone from the AFA not only watched the Grammy performance but also had the petition drawn up before it was over.

In the long run, it's about making money and when your business is outrage, you can't make the money if you don't exploit the outrage. 

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