Sunday, November 05, 2023

Pete Buttigieg strongly defends same-sex marriage and families in response to Mike Johnson's past comments

Treasury Secretary Pete Buttigieg nails the simple point the haters want us to forget about same-sex marriage and our families.

In this climate of renewed attacks on LGBTQ people, we need more people publicly defending our families and especially our kids. That's the one thing which always annoys me when people weaponize parenting and families to demonize our community - they deliberately omit that we are parents, and our families matters just as much as theirs. 

That's why we need more people like Treasury Secretary Pete Buttigieg to bring that point home. In response to Speaker of the House Mike Johson's past ugly comments about our marriages, Buttigieg proves that representation matters. It's the difference between being made invisible and pushing back forcefully when someone tries to render us invisible.