Friday, February 05, 2016

'SC high school transgender student suspended for using bathroom' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Transgender student suspended for using bathroom at SC high school - This ridiculous incident typifies the ignorance and willful fear people have about the transgender community. This young man did everything he was supposed to, but still got suspended. Warning - there are a lot of ignorant folks making comments below the article. 

Robert George does "Poor Us" about as proficiently as anyone - Robert George is not that widely known by our community, but he should be. He attempts to be the "author of our pain" with his many exploits, including co-founding NOM and getting funds for that fraudulent Regnerus study. 

Watch: In Total Flip-Flop, Trump Tells Reporter He Will Advance LGBT Rights. Reporter Is A Lesbian.- That wasn't a simple flip flop. That was a full body gymnastic move worthy of Olga Korbut.  

We Know All We Need To Know To End The HIV Epidemic. Here’s Why It Continues. - Because it's not over.

VIDEO - Being gay and in the military

Buzzfeed has come out with a fascinating video which I think many of us should watch. Sometimes we forget the lgbts who are in the military protecting our freedoms and what they have to deal with, before and after Don't Ask, Don't Tell. It's a wonderful view and as well as a good recollection of lgbt history: