Friday, January 11, 2019

'GOP Congressman warns Trump using emergency powers to fund wall could lead to 'transgender bathrooms in elementary schools' & other Fri midday news briefs

Rep. Matt Gaetz is an idiot. Yes he is.
Rep. Matt Gaetz Not on Board With Trump Emergency Power: Future Dems Could ‘Build Transgender Bathrooms’ - An LGBTQ angle is no longer missing in Trump's government shut down, because GOP Congressional leader Matt Gaetz provides one. He is not in favor of Trump using his presidential emergency powers to force funding for his fraudulent border wall because a future Democratic president could use the same power to "to build transgender bathrooms in every elementary school in America." Okay, just what is a "transgender bathroom." I know that in "gay bathrooms," you can press a button for the mirrors at the sink to give you that "Streisand lighting" when you are checking your face.

Pat Robertson told a mom that her son looks at gay porn because he’s being molested - I don't think it works like that. it's the "gays are recruiting children" thing all over again. 

‘Woah!’: Fox News Guest Shocks Anchor By Calling Kamala Harris a ‘Religious Bigot’ - Weaponizing "religious liberty" in an attempt to scare Senators from asking about the anti-gay biases of Trump nominees. People told y'all that it wasn't just about a cake. 

Netflix Pulls Production From North Carolina Over Anti-LGBTQ Law - That's right! Take the money away!