Saturday, April 14, 2012

Homophobic junk scientist Paul Cameron makes a fool of himself

I couldn't believe this interview when I saw it. From Crooks and Liars:

As Raw Story's Stephen Webster noted, on the heels of a recent study which found that "people who have negative feelings toward homosexuality often have secret attractions to the same sex — and are more likely to have grown up in households that forbid homosexual feelings," we have Thom Hartmann asking about that very topic during this interview with the leader of an anti-gay organization which the SPLC has designated as a hate group.

Hartmann confronts anti-gay leader: Do closeted gays run your movement?:

On Russia Today TV’s The Big Picture Thursday, progressive radio host Thom Hartmann confronted Family Research Institute chairman Dr. Paul Cameron and asked him an unusually pointed question: “Does it concern you that many of your colleagues in the anti-gay movement may actually be closeted gays?”
“Um, no,” Cameron replied. “Very few of them are homosexually interested. First of all, um… Most people are not interested in homosexuality. There’s not at all. A few homosexuals like to say — and they’ve been saying this now for at least the last seven years — almost everybody is bisexual, maybe some homosexual…”
“I’ve never heard anybody say that,” Hartmann replied.

Cameron went on to claim that biologist Alfred Kinsey, whose groundbreaking research pioneered the study of human sexuality, “was gay” and “pushed that idea,” making his scientific findings somehow less valid. “Most of the homosexual leadership… have pushed that idea,” he added. “But it’s not true!”
Cameron didn’t provide any source or research to support his claim, so interested viewers may just have to take his word for it.

It's not surprising that Cameron didn't provide any research or sources to back up his claim. If he did, then that would have given Hartmann an opportunity to pivot towards Cameron's long history of rebukes and censures for his bad research methodologies.

Allow me to break it down for you.

NOM President Brian Brown's twitter account has been hacked

Somebody is doing some serious work against the National Organization for Marriage.

First this week, its Facebook page and twitter account was hacked. And now today, the twitter account of its president, Brian Brown, has been hacked. I think that would be easy to guess because one would doubt that Brown would send tweets like the following:

yo dickhead, come around my place tonight, we'll finish that game of pump up the volume

And of course NOM is going to blame the gay community even though there is no evidence that any of us had anything to do with it. Most likely this is probably the act by a mischievous third party seeking attention by interjecting themselves into a high profile issue.

I almost feel sorry NOM. Almost, but not quite.

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