Wednesday, April 11, 2012

National Organization for Marriage apologizing for race-baiting scandal? I wish

 Editor's note - It's been confirmed that the National Organization for Marriage's social network was hacked in a MAJOR way. Aw nuts! And here I thought the group had turned a new leaf. See this Huffington Post article for more details.

This morning, the gay blogsphere is all abuzz about the following which appeared on the National Organization for Marriage's Facebook page:

I personally thought that NOM's facebook page was hacked. But then the following message appeared on NOM's twitter page:

 And now the following appeared on NOM's blog:

Friends of marriage,

In the last couple of weeks you've heard some pretty bad things about this organization. I must admit that we were angered when our in house documents were released but we've since had time to reflect on the strategies we've employed to divide Americans against each other on the issue of marriage. Truth be told, marriage is about bringing people together, not pushing them apart and that's exactly what this organization has been about over the past few years.

Aside from that on an unrelated matter, we've stifled free speech on our social media online properties. We're rectifying that this morning by removing the bans on the hundreds and hundreds of our opponents our staff imposed. We want to encourage an open and fair discussion about marriage and that can only happen if we welcome our outspoken opponents back into the dialogue.

We apologize for our transgressions. We're turning over a new leaf with constitutional and civil rights as our primary focus going forward. We hope you will stand with us as we turn things around for the better.

 So after all of that ducking and dodging, NOM has finally admitted to attempting to drive a wedge between the black and gay communities.

And it only took them two weeks after the scandal broke. Figures.


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Anonymous said...

Check the NOM blog!
"We vow to turn things around for the better"

Rae said...

I'm fairly certain they've been hacked by Anonymous - there's been a lot of chatter about that lately.

I don't believe for a moment any of this actually represents NOM's current leadership or their views.

Daniel said...

There is so much going on with NOM now it's hard to sort out. I was wondering if their expansion of their "Dump Starbucks" campaigns internationally was real.
The blog states they will publish their campaign in "Egypt, Beijing, Hong Kong, the Yunnan region of China, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait", publishing in Mandarin, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, and Bahala. Which is strange in part because Spanish and Turkish are not spoken in those countries. Plus "traditional marriage" in Yunnan includes polygamy and serial marriages. For NOM to declare virtual international war on an American company seems excessive even for them. Or is it?