Saturday, March 10, 2012

Religious right bearing false witness against Sandra Fluke

The religious right are attacking Sandra Fluke
For all of their talking about morality and following God's laws, religious right groups seem to throw these things out of the window when it doesn't suit their purposes, particularly the commandment about not bearing false witness.

The lgbtq community know this hypocrisy very well since we tend to be the recipients of the religious right's lying vitriol.

But now they have a new target - Sandra Fluke. Fluke, who was venomously attacked by Rush Limbaugh two weeks ago for her testimony in front of Congress regarding contraception, now have members of the religious right smearing her name.

According to Equality Matters:

Spokespersons from groups like the American Family Association, Family Research Council, Liberty Counsel and the National Organization for Marriage have come to Rush’s defense while continuing to demonize Fluke as an immoral and promiscuous “sexual anarchist.”

These groups include:

The American Family Association:

AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Fluke “Sleeping With So Many Guys That She Can’t Keep Track.” During the March 7 edition of his Focal Point radio show, American Family Association (AFA) spokesman Bryan Fischer said:
FISCHER: To think that you would have a leftist like the President of the United States saying that the parents of a woman who goes on national TV, admits that she’s sleeping with so many guys that she can’t keep track, doing it three time a day, running out of money, driving me to the poor house, and to think that parents, he’s saying that parents ought to be proud of that. You know, I just wonder if he would be proud if his daughters were doing the same thing. Would he be proud of his daughters going on national TV to say the same thing? [AFA’s Focal Point, 3/7/12]