Friday, December 07, 2018

'Kevin Hart controversy perfect time for debate about homophobia in black community' & other Fri midday news briefs

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart Says He’s Stepped Down From Oscar Hosting Gig Amid Controversy Over Old Tweets - It's the BIG controversy and folks are divided. However, I have something to say a bit different but equally important:

I don't feel comfortable with old tweets and the like being dug up to smear someone or throw dirt on their success. It strikes me as petty and ugly. But I am more disappointed how folks - particularly the black community - are not taking advantage of this situation to discuss homophobia in the black community. I refuse to believe that the black community is more homophobic than other communities, but there are aspects of bigotry within which get ignored.  There is the threat of physical violence, which is present in every community. But indigenous to the black community are covert nuances.  If the situation encompassed white people, everyone's mindset would be about LGBTQs  Hart made those jokes about, particularly the part about him not wanting a gay child. But since it involves black folks, no one seems to notice or care to talk about the specific damage Kevin Hart and those defending him are doing to black gay youth.

From the words and tweets of some folks in the black community defending Kevin Hart, not only are black gay youth being told that wishes against their existence are mere jokes but also defending those making these statements is necessary. And one of the reasons is the problem of racism. Any dig against Hart is a dig against a successful black man from the larger oppressive system, even if the dig began because the black man downed his own people. This is simply because some in the black community refuse to see LGBTQs of color as a vital part of the community in general, except for in ways they define us. And this definition entails an erasure or minimization of our LGBTQ identities.
Some black brothers and sisters are our best friends and claim to have "no problem" with us, until we challenge their notions and beliefs about gender roles and sexuality in the black community. They especially get angry when we demand the respect we are due as LGBTQs of color instead of "black people who just happen to be gay or whatever."

Sister: Step-dad killed 'gay' boy, 10, by dropping him on his head 10 times - Another aspect is this. Some parents are in fact very determined not to have gay children. 

Virginia school fires teacher for not respecting a transgender student - unfortunately this isn't the last we will probably here of this from the religious right. but unlike other situations, the LGBTQ community is on top of this so we will be able to meet whatever distortions groups like the Family Research Council will spin about it. And of course they have already started.  

Janelle MonĂ¡e’s Powerful Response To Grammys Nomination For Album Of The Year - Let's end these news briefs on a happy note. My sister, my sister! Congratulations my sister!