Friday, September 21, 2018

'Lie told by Mike Pence about Indiana 'religious freedom' bill in 2015 highlights hypocrisy of 'Values Voter' Summit'

Ah yes. Today is the beginning of the annual Family Research Council 'Values Voter' Summit in which right-wing evangelicals throw off all pretenses of humility (the little they have) and show themselves to be power-hungry, self-righteous hypocrites  And it's a lovely day for those of us who decry their lies and basic homophobia to pull out all of the receipts we have collected over the years of their true faces. 

Since this year, Vice President Mike Pence will be a guest speaker, here is one of my favorites, i.e. when he lied in 2015 about the intent of a bill he signed while governor of Indiana, but was done in by a photo of him signing it.  It not only demonstrates just how low Pence has gone to lie (for his "religious beliefs" of course) but also epitomizes what a lot of us find so darn distasteful about these phony gatherings. FRC and its supporters claim that this "summit" is all about values and bringing the nation back to God, but if this is the case, why do they have to stoop to lies, grubby power grabs, and cynical alliances to do it?

In 2015, when Pence was governor of Indiana, he signed a "Religious Freedom Restoration Act," which he insisted had absolutely nothing to do with discriminating against the LGBTQ community. However, the photo above sunk that lie. If the bill had nothing to do with discriminating against the LGBTQ community, then why did Pence pose with  three of the leading anti-LGBTQ activists in the state?

For more on Pence's blatant lie, see this article via GLAAD.

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