Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Daily Show analyzes lgbt victories over DOMA, Prop 8

News brief special - Religious Right meltdown over Supreme Court losses make for delicious schadenfreude

With arguments like the ones above, no wonder they lost yesterday.

 And it gets even more fun:

 Conservatives Strain To Paint Themselves As The Victims Of The DOMA Ruling - The poor babies. They lie and they lose but somehow that makes them the victims.

 No Excuses: Anti-Gay Activists Can't Blame SCOTUS For Their DOMA Loss - But they will. They blame everyone else but themselves.  

The Five Craziest Reactions To The Marriage Equality Rulings - Just five?

  'Gay marriage activists didn't get what they wanted'- And this is the silly talking point the religious right is pushing. Trust me when I say that we are quite happy with what we got . . . so far. But we want more. We deserve more.  

Charisma: Satan Using Gay Marriage to Ban Straight Marriage - It's never a proper religious right meltdown until someone mentions Satan.

Heritage Foundation implies marriage equality would cause welfare programs to grow

We shouldn't be so busy celebrating our recent victories at the Supreme Court that we forget that this battle for marriage equality is far from over. There are already pitiful rumblings of an anti-marriage equality constitutional amendment.

Also, the following graphic from the right-wing Heritage Foundation shouldn't be ignored:

All in all, it's the usual mumbo-jumbo about how heterosexual marriage is the best institution to raise children. However, there is an item which should give us all pause. The Heritage Foundation claims that one of the consequences of so-called "redefining marriage" is that the government would be forced to intervene and welfare programs would grow.

Now what the heck does that have to do with allow gay couples to marry. The slight sinister implications from that claim bothers me and I have a feeling we will be hearing more from this inference. In fact, probably more than we would like.