Sunday, December 06, 2020

'Drunk History' presents Incredible Moments in LGBTQ History

Drunk History is a television show, created in 2007, in which a drunk person attempts to talk about a historical event.  The rendering is accentuated with actors portraying a historical figure and lip syncing the drunk person's words. The person telling the anecdote is usually a famous actor, podcaster, etc and they do actually get drunk while telling the story. 

According to the creator Derek Waters, it's not scripted. What you are seeing is genuine, albeit the end result of a long process which you can read about via this link. The main thing is that what you end up seeing is not staged. A inebriated person is telling a historical event, which is mostly historically accurate. The dialogue of the actors in the historical anecdote isn't accurate but the gist is always true.

For the purpose of this blog, the above video is about the Stonewall Uprising and Edie Windsor's successful marriage equality lawsuit. Regarding Stonewall, there have been a lot of vehement disagreement about who was there and what actually happened. Some people may get slightly peeved at this rendition of the uprising, while others may feel that an inebriated and comedic retelling of our history in general trivializes our struggle. 

Personally, I think Drunk History is as an interesting and refreshing perspective on historic lessons.