Friday, August 24, 2018

Homophobic bigots at Free Republic agree that gay people are having too much sex

The fine bigots at Free Republic have a strange view of the LGBTQ community and the idea that we have lots of sex contributes to it.

After yesterday's posts about a gay Republican's claim that having lots of sex is causing gays to commit suicide, I didn't think I could ever find something that would the insanity it caused.  But I did, unfortunately. I researched to see if anyone actually believes the junk I posted about. I knew it was out there but I had to see for myself. And I found it on a far right post called Free Republic. Some of the comments were ugly and downright mean.

But they were also hilarious in lieu of the fact that the folks there are simply pitiful, mangy children wallowing in their own bigotry while the world changes around them.  I would caution folks to not go there and sign up to post comments because it's very strict. Only the far, far right are allowed. At any rate, I still wouldn't.

I simply look at the site and the folks posting there like I would a sideshow exhibits. Because these nasty bastards are freaks deformed by their homophobia. These are some of the most ridiculous comments. And for the record, I will not be linking to the site. The folks at Free Republic are fun to laugh at, but it doesn't mean they are due any type of respect:

Over 10% of gay men in the USA have had over 1,000 different partners. 
A large portion of the lesbian side matches them. 
. . .anal sex with 2000 random guys 
They are committing suicide against their souls. They are just completing the act. The leftist culture embraces this just like their communism killed off the productive and left the rest to starve.
Rabbits don’t fornicate, they procreate. 
Dedicating one’s life to the practice and promotion of foul and unnatural acts is bad for the mind and bad for the soul. That habitual buggery leads to suicide is unsurprising. 
I’m thinking that anyone who has sex with 1000 partners has not been satisfied by any of them. I’m also thinking sex with a thousand goats, sheep, ponies, knotholes, etc. is just as unsatisfying. Maybe they should try something different. 
Maybe it’s the demonic possession!

They are so pathetic in their homophobia. They definitely need to get laid more.

Seriously though, reading those comments are fun, but they are also educational. We should never rest on our laurels on whatever victories we may receive. Nor should we take for granted that society is more accepting of who we are. There are  . . . anomalies of nastiness out there.  We shouldn't ignore them because exposing them for what they are actually helps us in the long run. I mean who actually wants to hang around dull people like that when there are so many happy and "friendly" gay folks around.

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