Monday, August 02, 2010

Family Research Council distorts British article in attack on gay soldier

The Family Research Council has finally sunken to a level that even I can't begin to ponder.

In the current news, there is a huge controversy involving a website called Wikileaks. This site has displayed classified documents of the U.S. war in Afghanistan. In the center of this controversy is Bradley Manning, a 22-year-old gay soldier suspected of leaking documents to Wikileaks. He is currently awaiting court martial.

There is much speculation as to why Manning may have leaked these documents. But not to the Family Research Council. A post on the organization's webpage says the following:

It turns out that Manning is an extreme homosexual activist, whose fury over the services' homosexual policy may have led him to publicize highly classified documents about the wars. According to the U.K.'s Telegraph, Manning has an extensive history of campaigning for gay, lesbian, and transgendered causes and sources say he may have even been considering a sex change when he leaked military secrets on the Internet.

Although the U.S. press is relatively mum on his personal life, the British paper questions how Manning got away with "flaunting" his sexuality when DADT is still in effect.

There are several serious problems with FRCs claims. If you look at the link to the British article so generously provided by the organization, nothing in it connects Don't Ask, Don't Tell to Manning's alleged leaking of documents.

Furthermore, there is nothing in the British article about Manning seeking a sex change. And lastly, there is nothing - not one thing - in the British article which poses any question about Manning allegedly "flaunting his sexuality."

FRC attributes these speculations to the British article when they actually came from another source - Cliff Kincaid of the right-wing group Accuracy in Media.

Kincaid's speculations came from an original column he wrote on Wikileaks controversy. However, the manner in which FRC wrote its piece makes it seem that Kincaid's claims were included in the British article.

It is worth mentioning that neither Kincaid nor his organization, AIM,  are accurate or unbiased sources when it comes to lgbt issues. Earlier this year, AIM had to retract a blog post falsely accusing a gay Obama appointee, Kevin Jennings, of being a pedophile. Kincaid has also made the vile claim that disease-tainted gay blood threatens our troops.

The Family Research Council has been known for distorting legitimate statistics to stigmatize the lgbt community, but in this case it seems that the organization has sunken to a new low - distorting news articles.

Could it be that the group falsely attributed Kincaid's claims to the British article because it's aware of his unsavory reputation for attacking the lgbt community with lies?

That is a serious point to ponder.

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Taylor Dayne to rock SC Pride 2010!

Allow me to indulge in a little South Carolina horn tooting here.

I always have a fun time at the annual South Carolina Pride Festival but this one will be extra special for a number of reasons.

Not only will it be my ninth SC Pride Festival but I am also one the guest speakers. In addition, I have been chosen to receive the prestigious Order of the Pink Palmetto.

It's going to be an awesome time!

Multi-platinum recording artist Taylor Dayne to headline SC Pride 2010

Drag performer Pandora Boxx & other entertainers to appear at free festival in the park

The South Carolina Pride 2010 festival to be held in Finlay Park, Columbia, South Carolina on September 4, 2010 will feature a star-studded line-up of local and nationally know entertainers. Headliners include multi-platinum recording artist Taylor Dayne, as well as singer-songwriter Cris Williams, performer Janice Robinson, and local entertainer Danielle Howle. Pandora Boxx, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race and RuPaul’s Drag U on LOGO, will open the festival after serving as Celebrity Grand Marshal of the Parade. Admission to the park & parade is free.

The SC Pride day on September 4, 2010 starts at noon with the Parade down Main Street, Columbia, with commentary hosted live on the radio by WXRY 99.3FM. Live entertainment in Finlay Park will kick-off immediately following the end of the parade. The official after-Pride block party will be held at PT’s 1109 at 1109 Assembly Street featuring dance music by world-renowned DJ Chris Cox.

“Live PROUD!” is the theme selected for SC Pride 2010 by the organization dedicated to organizing Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride events in South Carolina. SC PRIDE 2009 had approximately 8,000 attendees according to police estimates with over 70 vendors. The Pride Festival draws attendees from across South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and beyond.

All South Carolinians, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are encouraged to attend the exciting, family-friendly SC Pride events. Enjoy food, fun, music, and vendors all day! Sponsored by Richland County, City of Columbia, WXRY, the Free-Times, Food lion, Q-Notes, and many more. Visit for a complete list of sponsors and the official calendar of events.

The South Carolina Pride Movement is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy, education, support, and celebration of the GLBT community in South Carolina. The South Carolina Pride Movement is located on 1108 Woodrow Street in Columbia. For more information contact Tamera Tedder, President, at (803) 771-7713,, or visit

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Depriving lgbts of their rights is akin to the African-American civil rights movement and other Monday midday news briefs

Mich. Candidate Target Of Gay Hate Mail - A political season without a nasty anti-gay attack ad is like, oh I don't know, a day without sunshine.

Harry Jackson: Fighting Against Gay Marriage is Just Like Fighting For Civil Rights - And of course Bernice King and the rest of those who bristle at comparisons of lgbts and African-American civil rights movements will be silent.

Ne-Yo Says 'People Think I'm Gay Because I've Never Shot a Person' -- Say What! - Now I've officially heard EVERYTHING.

Sorry Batch Of GOP Presidential Hopefuls Flood Iowa - Several reasons why I hope, in spite of everything, President Obama is re-elected.

More crazy signs from 'lynch gay couples' NOM supporter - Insane groups generally attract insane supporters.

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Anti-gay 'Truth Academy' on deck for this week

Peter LaBarbera's phony "Truth Academy" is going to be held this week. It will interesting to see who will be attending. It will be even more interesting to see how the protest by The Chicago Gay Liberation Network (GLN) will play into the proceedings.

Naturally, the American Family Association's One News Now is allowing LaBarbera to cast his collection of mess as some sort of accurate and moral event.

But I also found something else extremely fascinating and highly unusual. The One News Now article made it a point to fairly give the GLN's position on the situation:

"We're giving free scholarships to young people because we know that, let's face it, young people in America are brainwashed in favor of the gay rights movement," the AFTAH (LaBarbera) founder laments.

Some pro-homosexual groups are already showing opposition to the Truth Academy, claiming that its teachings are hateful "bigotry."

"The Chicago Gay Liberation Network (GLN) has already announced it's going to protest the truth academy," LaBarbera reports.

That is the same group that celebrated the firing of a University of Illinois professor who taught the Catholic view against homosexuality. In reference to AFTAH's efforts, GLN's website contends that "youth should not be taught to hate their peers and thus fuel the cycle of self-loathing, depression and suicide which too many LGBTQ youth experience. Bigotry must be vocally and publicly opposed, especially when haters try to recruit young people."

The conservative leader, however, feels that defending biblical truths and the natural family is not "hate," and he suspects that some of the opposition might be because of the lineup of nationally known speakers the academy has invited to speak.

Let's take a look at these speakers. They include:

Cliff Kincaid-  a man whose organization(Accuracy in Media), when not having to apologize for inaccurately labeling a gay Obama official (Kevin Jennings) as a pedophile, is busy defending a Ugandan law which penalizes people - with imprisonment and death-  simply for being gay.

Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries - who has spent years demonizing the lgbt community even to the point of freely citing the discredited research of Paul Cameron (a man who publishes "research papers" accusing gays of such things as wallowing in feces and plunging gerbils up their rectums.) Knight has also in the past described lesbians as "pretty big heavy set women who look like they’ve been over working October Fest for the last six years "

Ryan Sorba, Young Conservatives of California - a man so nastily anti-gay that he was booed off of the stage at a right-wing conservative conference for his comments.

Greg Quinlan, Parents and Friends of Gays and Ex-Gays - who, when he is not distorting the words of prominent researchers such as Dr. Francis Collins, attempts to spin court defeats into victories for his fraudulent group.

Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel - a man who described gay relationships as “one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it ‘love.’”  Barber is also the same man who encouraged attendees at a conference last year to go into more detail in describing gay sex acts as a way to disgust people.

And last but not least:

Arthur Goldberg - head of   JONAH, a Jewish "ex-gay" group. Golberg is a convicted felon who was imprisoned for a multitude of charges including federal mail and wire fraud to conspiracy counts as a result of a bogus bond writing scheme.

One more thing - JONAH is presently embroiled in an ugly scandal in which two former clients charged one of the organization's lead therapists with sexual misconduct.

All of this makes one wonder just what is LaBarbera's definition of "biblical truths."

Any parent who thinks that their children would benefit from being exposed to this collection of homophobic misfits needs his/her head examined.

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