Monday, August 02, 2010

Depriving lgbts of their rights is akin to the African-American civil rights movement and other Monday midday news briefs

Mich. Candidate Target Of Gay Hate Mail - A political season without a nasty anti-gay attack ad is like, oh I don't know, a day without sunshine.

Harry Jackson: Fighting Against Gay Marriage is Just Like Fighting For Civil Rights - And of course Bernice King and the rest of those who bristle at comparisons of lgbts and African-American civil rights movements will be silent.

Ne-Yo Says 'People Think I'm Gay Because I've Never Shot a Person' -- Say What! - Now I've officially heard EVERYTHING.

Sorry Batch Of GOP Presidential Hopefuls Flood Iowa - Several reasons why I hope, in spite of everything, President Obama is re-elected.

More crazy signs from 'lynch gay couples' NOM supporter - Insane groups generally attract insane supporters.

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1 comment:

Buffy said...

Harry Jackson continues to make a fool of himself. And who the heck is Ne-Yo (other than a raging bigot)?