Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bryan Fischer's latest rant transcends the very definitions of homophobia and hate

THIS RANT from anti-lgbt American Family Association's Bryan Fischer goes beyond almost everything he has said against the lgbt community in the past. It deserves a place by itself in the pantheon of homophobia. Fischer perfectly captures the religious entitlement, the ignorance, and the self-righteous mean-spirited cluelessness which has gone into the creation of the recent spate of anti-lgbt laws masquerading as "public safety" bathroom bills and "religious liberty" bills.

Just start calling him an liability to the anti-lgbt right:

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch. Go there to read what caused Fischer to go ballistic.

'VA Gov vetoes anti-gay 'religious liberty' bill & other Wed. midday news briefs

NORTH CAROLINA: Hate Coalition Posts List Of Local Businesses Which Support The New Anti-LGBT Law - I guess this can be considered as the homophobic calvary. Thanks a lot my friends. We do need a list of folks we need to put pressure on.  

Family Research Council throws tantrum over losing messaging war of anti-lgbt laws - Reiteration of last night's post. Because watching the anti-gay Family Research Council throw a tantrum is always fun. 

Is the #GayMediaSoWhite? Gay Men of Color Exposed Racism in Gay Media on Twitter - THIS CONVERSATION needs to happen. The way the gay media is run these days, it enhances the false belief that Lgbts of color have contributed nothing to the struggle for lgbt equality. But how can there be knowledge of your work when your people don't acknowledge your existence, to say nothing about your intelligence. And I say that as one who has been a victim to this mindset.