Wednesday, February 06, 2019

'Pro-lifers' taking same disastrous route into hysteria as anti-marriage equality movement

Taking advantage of attempts to pass bills in several states loosening restrictions on abortions done late in pregnancy (which would be done in case that the mother's life is in danger or the child has severe complications), conservatives and the religious right have pushed the lever of mass hysteria to the highest degree. According to Politico:

Republicans are launching a multi-pronged strategy to try to keep “late-term abortions” in the spotlight, a thorny political issue that they hope will put vulnerable Democrats in a tough spot and excite their conservative base. It’s a move that House Republicans are pushing in part to capitalize on comments President Donald Trump made during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, when he used the high-profile platform to call for legislation banning abortions later in a pregnancy.

In addition,  organizations such as the Family Research Council, the American Family Association as well as right wing activists have been posting "articles," spreading memes, and passing along hashtags claiming that these bills are nothing more than "infanticide" and that the Democratic Party intent on murdering healthy babies coming out of the womb.

And of course, even Fox News has gotten into the act of spreading the lie with its latest disgrace of a journalist, Ainsley Earhardt. Her claim that the Democratic Party care more about abused geese than children was low, even for someone working for that network which employs her.

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