Tuesday, June 02, 2020

MLK's niece among Trump supporting evangelicals silent after tear-gassing of unarmed protesters

Evangelicals supporting Donald Trump, including MLK's niece, Alveda King (on the far left), have yet to fully comment on Monday's events in DC where unarmed protesters and priests were tear-gassed so that Trump could have a photo-op with a Bible.

A day after yesterday's DC event in which unarmed protesters and priests - were exposed to tear gas to make way for a photo op of Donald Trump holding a Bible, his evangelical supporters remain conveniently silent.

Of course they never seem to be silent or inconspicuous whenever there are cameras around as they make sure to be seen in prayer with Trump.

And they certainly love making public pronouncements of how Trump is a savior of and an ally for Christianity - at least the version they embrace:

But for now, they have either sidestepped or made themselves scarce in the wake of Monday's unbelievably shameful events. They didn't even say a word about Trump holding the Bible upside down. Their silence tells lot more than anything they would have said. Some people have told me it's because they like what he's doing for them in pushing their agenda. I think it's more than that. I  think that evangelicals also fear Trump. They know that he's a unrestrained, petulant jackass - they've known it from the beginning - and are afraid that getting him angry will get them cut off from access and power. And they are probably right.

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