Monday, May 13, 2013

Minnesota makes number 12!

Congratulations, Minnesota! 
Minnesota will become the 12th state in the country, plus DC, to allow same-sex couples to marry, following a 37-30 vote of the state’s Senate on Monday.

Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to sign the bill at 5 p.m. Central Time Tuesday. The bill, passed by the House last week, will take effect Aug. 1 — the same day Rhode Island’s marriage equality law takes effect.

The state’s sole out gay senator, Sen. Scott Dibble, spoke in support of the bill he had backed.

Of the legislature’s prior decision to push forward the vote on a constitutional amendment banning gay couples from marriage, “I felt excluded,” he says of that decision. He added, though, “In an odd way, I’m kind of grateful, because we had an amazing conversations, Minnesotans,” that he said led to Monday’s vote for marriage equality.

“Today, we have the power, the awesome, humbling power, to make dreams come true, he said. “We will be removing barriers to the full joy life has to offer.” Of himself and his husband, Richard, whom he married in California in 2008, he says, “I’ve met the person I can’t live without.”

See the rest of the article and more pictures at Buzzfeed and just to get a glimpse of what Minnesota said "no" to, remember this testimony below?

It's hard to believe once upon a time in certain places, testimony like the above would have doomed marriage equality.

'Good news in Minnesota, terrible news in Russia' and other Monday midday news briefs

Minnesota Senate Expected To Pass Gay Marriage Bill, Governor To Sign - Keep it up, folks! I'm loving this. And keep your fingers crossed.

Russian Gay Man's Death Fuels Fears Of Rising Homophobia - BUT at the same time, don't even think that things are less dangerous for us. Pray for our lgbt brothers and sisters in Russia.

  Kingsport (Tennessee) Newspaper Publishes Opinion Piece Declaring Homosexuality a Disorder - Well it IS an opinion piece. But it's still junk.

 Debunking the '10 Reasons' for Scouting discrimination - A very handy guide to have.

 Online gay booklet cruises to over 18,000 reads, underground success - Yes, I am bragging. In case you didn't see it, the press release talking about the success of How They See Us and detailing an exciting new development to get the booklet out to more of the public.

Family Research Council continues to link gays to pedophiles

The following video is yet another one pushed by the Family Research Council claiming that if gays are allowed in the Boy Scouts, there will be more boys at risk of being molested. This time, FRC allows Brian Rushfeldt, head of Canda Family Action do its dirty work.

It's truly nauseating how low FRC will stoop with the lies.