Tuesday, August 29, 2023

California elementary school receives racist bomb threat after post from anti-gay Libs of TikTok

Folks who are aware of the close relationship between homophobia, transphobia, and racism shouldn't be surprised by this recent incident. We should be disturbed of course, but not surprised. 

From CBS News:

An emailed bomb threat at Chabot Elementary School in Oakland resulted in the evacuation of the school Tuesday, according to authorities. The bomb threat was received at about 7:30 a.m. before the school day started, Oakland Police said. 

Only a few dozen students and staffers were present when police evacuated the school, located at 6686 Chabot Road in the city's Rockridge neighborhood. Police were working with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office and the office's K-9 and bomb teams units to sweep the school and clear the campus. The email sent to the school principal had "racial undertones," but an Oakland Police spokesperson would not elaborate further on the content of the email. Police were also working with the FBI to determine the source of the email. 

 So, what does Libs of TikTok have to do with this? Well according to The Daily Beast

 The bomb threat came only a day after a tweet by Libs Of TikTok, a controversial X (formerly known as Twitter) account run by far-right activist Chaya Raichik, about a playdate for “Black, Brown or API” students and family organized by the school’s equity and inclusion committee. “Come hang out while we get a chance to know each other and build our community as we kick off this school year,” the flyer read. 
The tweet also included a statement apparently from a parent of a child at the school, upset about the event, which they deemed a “no whites allowed” playdate. The post was picked up and reported by conservative media outlets such as Alex Jones’ InfoWars. This led to the organizers receiving a volley of threats, they said. 

 In the past, Libs of TikTok and Raichik, have been blamed for bomb threats against children's hospitals and schools based upon videos misrepresented to claim that LGBTQ people are 'sexualizing' children or that hospitals are performing hysterectomies on kids.  LGBTQ activists and spokespeople on several occasions have accused Libs of TikTok in engaging in stochastic terrorism.

Stochastic terrorism is when a group of people are demonized so much that acts of violence are - while not expressly encouraged - perpetrated against them. In other words, neither Raichik nor Libs of TikTok outwardly tell people to commit acts of violence against LGBTQ people, but their constant smearing of us as pedophiles and degenerates out to harm kids encourages or motivates others to carry out acts of violence. 

To my knowledge, this is the first time that Libs of TikTok is under fire for a racial attack. And that should tell us that its mission has never been about protecting kids. It's always been about spreading hatred and bigotry while profiting from violent outcomes. The recent racist shootings in Florida and the pride flag shooting in California should serve as a warning about the dangers of certain people on social media creating hysteria and emboldening violence for the sake of clout. At the very least, it should send a message to both the LGBTQ and African American communities that we have the same enemy. 

Libs of TikTok - a very thorough and accurate entry about the site from RationalWiki.

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